Beyond the skunky, minty and earthy aroma, the strain will surprise first-time users with the tens of undertones that linger on making you reunite with your natural habitat and be free. It has a unique balance to it from the taste to the high and effects which makes it a hit for every preference of a stoner or medical marijuana user. It is known for its uplifting impacts that will get you to cloud nine and gently back to reality. There are no rough patches in its high curve as the high creeps gently and hits climax before gently landing you softly back on the ground.

From the first hit, users frequently fall in love with the strain. Especially if you know what good weed should taste like.  Don’t make any mistake, the buds are a great sight to behold. Pure heaven is defined when you take your first hit on this stuff. The great taste somewhere makes the world around seem to slow down and stare in wonder as you enjoy your brighter days.

Being highly psychoactive like its Indica family members, this strain will boost imagination and general jovial feeling and a brighter day. A pleasant range of emotions is also possible depending on the person. If you haven’t stoned for a while or you are a beginner, this will be your first whirlwind of blissful emotions that will later gently phase-out.

The strain has recently evolved into platinum GSC which is just a hybrid using the original plant. The secret of the exact crossing between the OG Kush and Durban remains a little bit mysterious as there is yet a third plant that remains unknown to finish the cocktail of goodness. It is probably where the GSC gets her minty flavor, but that is just speculation.

G.S.C. Potency

Your first puff on the GSC will probably be the most memorable as it fills the mouth and lungs with sweet berry and candy with smoky notes of earth and mint. A fruity spiciness lingers on the tongue for moments after a puff, making it one of the most coveted weeds among users.

The effects of weed cut across mental related relief as well as physical pain relief. If it is possible to see potency with naked eyes, it would surely look like the sage green leaves of the Girl Scout.

If you have a quest, this weed will help you in your pursuit of glory and not cause couch locking effects or too many adverse effects. It uplifts your spirit meaning you can smoke it when you are looking to have some fun with your best buddies or even have some internal fun if you are introverted.

As always proceed with caution when self-medicating with new strains you haven’t tried before. This one is no exception. If you are using medicinal weed, please be sure to consult your physician before riding this roller coaster. It is a whole new world of stoning and is sure to take you to new unexplored territories of your mind to come up with a different perspective of things

How to grow Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain

Caution! This is not an easy one. Rookies will not be having an easy time growing this sophisticated hybrid. It is not particularly the most challenging weed strain to produce, it can still present a considerable challenge for people looking to grow for the first time. From getting the right seeds to land preparation and putting in the hours to care for the plant, the Girl Scout Cookies is quite the science project. It is still an intermediate difficulty in growing weed strain.

It takes slightly longer than some other common weed plants depending on climate, flowering in just 9 to 10 weeks from planting day. Heat and light are an essential part of growing the crop with outdoor growing proving difficult in colder regions. Ideally, the GSC strain will do well in Mediterranean-like qualities.

Indoors is the best route to go if you are in colder weather. To get a bumper harvest, you might want to research modern growing techniques like hydroponics and FIM methods. Luckily it does not have a high affinity for fertilizer and does possess natural anti-mildew and pest repellent properties which should make it pretty manageable even for rookies. If you love an excellent growing challenge, the GSC pot is an ideal candidate with a plethora of deep purple leaves and neon orange hairs. It’s quite the feast for the eyes and something you can show off to all your friends.