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marijuana in Bremen

marijuana in Bremen:Browse high quality marijuana products from the best cannabis dispensaries available for delivery in Bremen, OH .
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Where to Buy Weed in Bremen, OH?

Considering that medical cannabis is now legal in Bremen, there are numerous places where you can purchase it. However, with newly-opened street shops and small-scale local dispensaries, you can hardly be sure in the quality of your weed. How to protect yourself and find the best price-quality deal without making too much efforts?

Consider marijuana delivery: it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get high quality cannabis for a reasonable price. Potlala offers you more than just weed; this online service allows you to select best organic products with cannabis and to get them delivered to your home or office.

To order a delivery to Bremen, Ohio, make sure your zip code is one of the following: 43107.

How to Get Weed in Bremen?

With Potlala, you can get access to the wide variety of high-grade marijuana products available in Bremen, OH. Buy online to save time and avoid troubles!

Important: Potlala does not deliver cannabis products to school, college or university-belonging territories or other public places that have appropriate restrictions.

If it is your first order, you have a chance to get a special 10$ discount! Just use the code BREMENOHDISCOUNT during your checkout and get a price cut.

Watch Out, There Is Low Quality Weed in Bremen!

You cannot be sure in the quality of your cannabis unless you check the results of the independent lab testing. However, most small-scale manufacturers in Bremen are not likely to invest in these tests. When you purchase weed from them, you step on the thin ice.

Potlala cooperates with brands that understand that quality is not something that can be compromised, so they are willing to pay for independent tests to gain the customer`s trust. Order delivery from Potlala and stay on the safe side!

Is weed legal in Bremen?

Though Ohio is one of the states where medical marijuana is now legal, Bremen City Council was long unwilling to welcome cannabis in the city. Just recently, it allowed Bremen residents to get marijuana deliveries, so you can order from Potlala freely.

In order to become a customer, you only need to be 18 or older. There are no other restrictions except those, which regulate the way you get your cannabis experience: no use in public places, no driving afterwards, and keeping weed away from children and teenagers.

marijuana in Leipzig
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

marijuana in Leipzig

What happened | marijuana in Leipzig

marijuana in Leipzig:The initial marijuana between Cloudflare’s network and the origin web server timed out. As a result, the web page can not be displayed.

What can I do?

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Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not completing requests. An Error 522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn’t finish. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources. Additional troubleshooting information here.marijuana in Leipzig

. Analysis of data from the local health office, where marijuana consumers could have their blood lead concentration determined. RESULTS: At Leipzig University Hospital, 35 patients (7 female; age 24.2 +/- 4.4 years) had to be treated for lead poisoning (blood lead levels 1063.3 +/- 864.0 microg/L). Five hundred ninety-seven marijuana consumers (439 men, 158 women; age 26.9 +/- 4.8 years) had their blood lead levels measured at the local health office. Among them, 27.3% had lead levels above the HBM-II threshold, 12.2% had concentrations that required monitoring, and 60.5% had levels below the HBM-I threshold. CONCLUSION: Drug consumption should be considered in otherwise unexplained anemia and abdominal colic. Several hundred people suffered lead poisoning presumably resulting from the desire of drug dealers to maximize profits.marijuana in Leipzig

marijuana in Essen
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

marijuana in Essen


marijuana in Essen:At Essence, we carry a wide range of premium marijuana products and strains. We carry over 50 strains of flower and pre-rolls, with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains for you to choose from. We also carry vapes, tinctures, CBD products (including CBD oils), strains with a high CBD to THC ratio, topicals, concentrates, medical marijuana products, cannabis accessories, and more.

If you’d like to know if we carry a particular product, you can stop by to browse our wide selection, browse our online selection, or call us in advance of your visit to inquire about what we currently have in stock.

CULTIVATORS | marijuana in Essen

At Essence, we source our strains from the best local cultivation centers in Nevada. We’re proud to be partnered with some of the best cultivators in America, including Desert Grown Farms, Cannabiotix, Rythm, and Dog Walkers.

Here’s a closer look at what one of our partnered cultivators, Desert Grown Farms, has to offer:

  • As seen on Daily VICE, Las Vegas Weekly, Fox 5 News, The Today Show and Associated Press.
  • Currently on The Travel Joint’s list of “Top Cannabis Brands to Try in Nevada.” Offering high-quality, premium strains such as
    • The OG Story (High Times 2016 Cannabis Cup winner for “Best Indica”)
    • Venom OG (High Times “2016 Strongest Strain List”)
    • Jack Herer (Multiple Cannabis Cup winner)
  • Their state-of-the-art cultivation facility, located in the heart of Las Vegas, works day and night to ensure strain quality and consistency.marijuana in Essen

Want to learn even more about Desert Grown Farms products? Or about our other partnered cultivators? Ask a member of our knowledgeable staff about DGF and our other partnered cultivators when you stop in to an Essence cannabis dispensary location

Dispensaries in Dortmund
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Dispensaries in Dortmund


Dispensaries in Dortmund:Do you live in  Dortmund (Germany)  and are you looking for  CBD (legal cannabis)  ? At B-Chill you will find high quality legal cannabis cultivated with love and passion in the best conditions (permaculture, Valais sun, glacier water). We offer a high standard of customer service  all over Germany  : no matter what region you are from, we ensure fast and discreet delivery for your CBD and related products.

Do you want to go directly to the store? Click  here  and have fun!

Our quality CBD delivered to you in Dortmund (Germany) quickly and efficiently! Dispensaries in Dortmund

We offer inexpensive smoking CBD with  unbeatable value for money , as well as products with  high CBD levels , perfect manicure and extraordinary taste for real enthusiasts. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in our range of Swiss CBD with an intense and varied palette of flavors: fruity, earthy, spicy, light or strong, …

In addition to our 100% Swiss flowers, we offer a   constantly expanding range of wellness and cosmetic products : skin and face creams, lip balms, oils, infusions and even CBD oils for animals. All our cosmetics are handcrafted and handmade in Switzerland! So we can offer you quality natural and local products, with a better ecological impact than many organic products.Dispensaries in Dortmund

All our products comply with Swiss laws, both in terms of THC content and quality. We have products intended for export to France, Belgium or the rest of Europe.

Our website ensures  fast and efficient delivery   ! Do not hesitate to order online on our e-shop. You will quickly receive your order at your home in Dortmund (Germany)!

Do you have any questions about your online purchase or delivery to the Dortmund (Germany) area? Dispensaries in Dortmund

Marijuana in Düsseldorf
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana in Düsseldorf

  Marijuana in Düsseldorf :Social democrats, liberals and Greens have approved a plan to regulate the legal selling of cannabis, following in the footstep of a district of Berlin. The Federal Institute of Medicines and Sanitary Products must now decide whether to approve the necessary licenses in order to carry out the projects.

In the federal state of Bremen, a few months ago, social democrats and the Green Party agreed that the possession and consumption of marijuana would no longer be penalised. It was the first step towards a green revolution in Germany, where three million people state that they regularly smoke cannabis, and where marijuana lovers support cannabis legalisation, spurred on by its regulation in some US states.

The authorities in Düsseldorf, the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, have decided to push forward regulation: the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens, have agreed to continue with a plan to regulate the sale of legal cannabis to people who are legally of age. In turn, councillors from the Christian Democratic Union, the party led by Angela Merkel, have opposed passing this pilot project.


Angela Hebeler and Norbert Czerwinski, councillors for Alliance ‘90/The Greens, explained the thinking behind the plan on their blog: to eliminate the marijuana black market by setting up a controlled market. “The number of cannabis users has decreased drastically following depenalisation in places such as Portugal and the Netherlands”, stated the councillors.

Düsseldorf will thus follow the plans of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district in Berlin that became the first local authority in Germany to request a cannabis license just a few months ago. The mayor of that district, Monika Hermann, has wanted to open cannabis coffee shops for some time now, as she argues that the legal sale of cannabis can reduce crime and provide greater control over sales to minors.

Nevertheless, it is now up to the Federal Institute of Medicines and Sanitary Products to decide whether to grant the licenses to Düsseldorf and the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district in Berlin so that Germany can get on the road towards legalisation. Marijuana in Düsseldorf

Marijuana in Stuttgart
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana in Stuttgart

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana at any Stuttgart Dispensary?

As you search the Internet, simply drive around Stuttgart or most cities for that matter these days, you’ll likely find a few or even dozens of marijuana dispensaries and weed delivery services. With medical and recreational marijuana legalization now becoming a reality for most States, one would think that all these Stuttgart dispensaries are legal and have licenses to safely sell marijuana to you at any time. Unfortunately, although this may be the case one day across America, it is most definitely not the case today. Generally, States legalize medical marijuana first and do so as a trial towards fully legalizing marijuana for recreational use. States have historically created very few restrictions on medical marijuana sales and use in the attempt to get patients the medicine they need quickly and easily. These loose restrictions and guidelines create an environment where marijuana businesses operate mostly hands-off and therefore new businesses are created very fast. In short time, it seems there are many weed stores and likely legal Stuttgart dispensaries on every corner. To be fair, some cities are not like this and there are only a few product shops, or even cities where the only marijuana to be purchased in on the black market.

To know whether it is legal to buy marijuana at any dispensary or delivery service you first must know the State law, and then the local Stuttgart, AR or community laws or regulations. Yes, it’s complicated and at times very difficult to know whether you can legally consume product or purchase from what appears to be legal Stuttgart dispensaries. If the State has yet to legalize medical or recreational product, weed is most probably illegal to purchase or consume. If the State has legalized medical marijuana only, then a quick Google search for legal Stuttgart dispensaries regulations will help determine if you can legally purchase and smoke weed in Stuttgart with a valid medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation. If you are not familiar with a recommendation, it’s somewhat like a prescription to buy marijuana. If your State has legalized recreational marijuana, then a simple Google search for Arkansas Stuttgart marijuana or Arkansas County marijuana regulations will help determine if you can legally purchase and smoke weed in Stuttgart for adult use.

The final step to truly feel confident you are buying marijuana legally in Stuttgart, requires you to see proof of that businesses license, or visit the State marijuana license database, or see if this Stuttgart marijuana business is on Mama’s Ganja. Mama’s Ganja only provides contact information for legal Stuttgart dispensaries and delivery services with valid licenses so it’s the easiest way to know if a business is legal and you are not breaking the law.

How to Find Licensed Legal Stuttgart Dispensaries

There are three ways to find Stuttgart dispensaries that can sell product legally since they are licensed to do so. The first option is to visit your Stuttgart marijuana dispensary or call your Stuttgart marijuana delivery service and ask them if they have a Arkansas license and what the license number is. With this Arkansas marijuana license information, a consumer can visit the State marijuana regulations website and check the database for that business. Stuttgart dispensaries can only provide marijuana legally if the license is valid. The second option is to go directly to the Arkansas marijuana database and find legal Stuttgart dispensaries or delivery services to Stuttgart, AR. The third way is the easiest and that is to find a legal marijuana business with a valid license on Mama’s Ganja. Mama’s Ganja legal Stuttgart dispensaries and shops that are listed must have a valid license. You will never find a black-market marijuana shop on the Mama’s Ganja directory.

Why are Stuttgart Marijuana Prices Higher than Before?

People who have been purchasing marijuana prior to legalization efforts may have a case of sticker shock when the make their first legal product purchase from Stuttgar dispensaries. Now that the government is regulating marijuana there are new taxes, like alcohol, that need to be added to the price of the cannabis product being purchased. Compounding these new taxes are all the regulations that legal Stuttgart dispensaries must adhere to for their license to remain in an active status. These regulations are at times costly and a legal business has no other choice than to pass those costs on to the people buying legal Stuttgart marijuana in a retail establishment. Finally, since marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug and outlawed by the Federal Government, legal Stuttgar dispensaries are not currently able to deduct any regular business expenses due to IRS section 280E. In conclusion, the reason marijuana  prices are higher than before is due to new taxes, the cost of compliance to new regulations, and the lack of general business expense deductions.

How to Know if Your Stuttgart, AR Marijuana Dispensary is Legal

6 Tips to Tell if your  Marijuana Store is Legal and Licensed

As you browse all the Stuttgart Marijuana shops, each with its own Brand and menu of products, Mama’s Ganja wanted to provide you with some helpful tips to ensure you do your best and only buy marijuana from legal Stuttgart dispensaries.

Cannabis in Cologne (Köln)
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Cannabis in Cologne (Köln)

Cannabis in Cologne (Köln):Cannabis is illegal in Germany, but there are exceptions to the rule. DW looks at what’s legal and what isn’t when it comes to the private consumption of pot — plus, who says it’s high time to legalize marijuana?

Germany’s drug laws have evolved over the past 30 years, with punishments becoming more severe, and, paradoxically, the definition of “drug offender” becoming more pliable.

The private consumption of cannabis, for example, is commonly known to be relatively relaxed. A police officer stops someone on the street for smoking a joint, and — as many people during lazy summer months can confirm — it will probably be taken away without further repercussions.

However, the law clearly prohibits cannabis with few exceptions. So what does it say?

Here’s a look at the status of cannabis in German law and politics in five key points.

1. Cannabis is illegal

Germany’s Narcotics Act classifies cannabis as an Appendix III drug: neither too dangerous to market, nor too dangerous to prescribe. LSD and heroin fall, by contrast, under Appendix I — not to be distributed for any reason, while Appendix II narcotics, such as cocaine, may not be prescribed.

Advocates of legalization want to see Germany open pot boutiques similar to those popping up in California

The punishment for drug possession or selling drugs varies depending on the circumstances and can range from a fine of up to €25,000 ($30,000) to two years in prison for offenders over the age of 21.

Although cannabis falls under a comparatively less serious category of drugs, the law prohibits the growing, sale and distribution of it due to its effect on the brain, particularly regarding addiction.

The law is less clear, however, on criminal prosecution for the consumption of cannabis.

2. Cannabis loopholes

Three little words have eased prohibition of cannabis considerably since the early 1990s: “a small amount.” As in, a person in possession of only “a small amount” of a drug, according to Paragraph 31 of the 1992 reform of the Narcotics Law can avoid prosecution.

The public prosecutor may drop a case if the offender’s guilt “can be seen as minimal, if there is no public interest in pursuing criminal prosecution and if the offender has only for his or her own use grown, produced, imported, exported, transported or acquired, or is in any other manner in possession of a small amount of the narcotic.”

However, federal law does not define what that small amount is. The Supreme Court set the limit at 7.5 g of the mind-altering ingredient in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But, ultimately, the states have the final say. While most allow for possession of up to 6 grams (0.2 ounces), some, like North-Rhine Westphalia allow for up to 10 grams. Berlin, a city-state, shows flexibility for up to 15 grams.

3. Number of pot smokers on the rise

While reliable statistics on pot smoking remain elusive, several surveys in recent years point to an overall rise in the number of people getting high.

In 2014, the Federal Center for Health Education interviewed some 7,000 Germans ages 12 to 25 about their pot habits. It found that nearly 18 percent of 18 to 25-year-olds surveyed had smoked pot at least once over the past year, up from 11.6 percent in 2008. Roughly 5 percent reported using the drug regularly.Cannabis in Cologne (Köln)

Despite tough punishments for possession of narcotics, lighting up a joint is too minor an offense for criminal prosecution

Among 18 to 25-year-olds, consumption rose among men from almost 15 percent to 24 percent and among women from 8 percent to 11 percent between 2008 and 2015.

Some 8 percent of teens aged 12 to 17 reported they had smoked at least once over the past year. The study found that more than 2 percent used the drug regularly.

4. Medical marijuana is legal |Cannabis in Cologne (Köln)

Medical marijuana became legal in March 2017. Prior to the law’s passage, an estimated 1,000 patients across the country had received special permission to use the drug for medical treatment.

According to the pharmaceutical publication Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung, the number of patients receiving prescriptions has risen steadily since last year. Drug stores filled over 5,000 orders in the first four months of the year, with June booking some 2,213 prescriptions.

Pharmacists prepared an estimated 10,600 remedies containing cannabis or unprocessed cannabis flowers. A further 12,500 finished medical products containing cannabis or cannabis extract were distributed.

Despite the statistics available on prescriptions, the newspaper noted that it was not possible to assess how many people had benefited from the law.

5. Who wants to legalize cannabis? Cannabis in Cologne (Köln)

With consumption on the rise and Germany’s law enforcement needed for more pressing security issues, politicians favoring decriminalization are taking aim at cannabis prohibition once again.

The neoliberal FDP joined forces in February with both the Green Party and the Left Party to call attention back to what it says is an outdated and dangerous attitude toward marijuana.

Pointing to the widespread use of the drug — by at least 4 million Germans, says the FDP — the trio want the government to legalize regulation of cannabis for private consumption. This, they say, would protect adult consumers from a product laced with other harmful chemicals.Cannabis in Cologne (Köln)

Marijuana in Munich (München)
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana in Munich (München)

Marijuana in Munich (München):This past Saturday a demonstration took place under the watchful eyes of the Munich police. It probably also fell on deaf ears of its intended audience. Most mainstream media outlets gave it only a passing glance. The demonstration took place before the Bavarian State Chancellery before winding along Maximilian Street, then through Promenade Platz before finishing at Karlsplatz Stachus. It was a gathering for the legalization of marijuana.

Many chanted, “I am here; I am loud, underneath a ganja cloud. I am here; I am proud, underneath a ganja cloud.” Ganja is a slang term for marijuana. Bob Marley’s anthem, “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights,” and other reggae songs about sensimilia blared from some speakers attached to a flat-bed truck that was the center of the parade. Sensimilia is another term for marijuana.

I spoke to the leader of the demonstration, Steffen Geyer, who has made quite a name for himself in the last few years promoting his ideas for legalized cannabis. He has organized the ‘Cannabis Kultour”, a tour of Germany from Hamburg to Berlin that ends on August 12th, at the Hemp Parade, Europe’s largest gathering for the legalization of marijuana. When he has finished his tour he will have traversed 100 cities in 100 days, trying to spread his message. I asked Mr. Geyer what exactly his message was. “We think that the laws against marijuana have little scientific backing, and if they did then clearly the more dangerous substance – alcohol – would be banished as well,” said Mr. Geyer.

I saw a few Pirate Party (a political party) flags and I asked him if he was also a member of the party. “I have no party,” he replied. “The Pirates, the Greens and even the Left all believe in the de-criminalization of marijuana, so you must choose and vote after much research, and not only on one issue.”Marijuana in Munich (München)

Mr. Geyer was clearly the leader of this protest in the eyes of the adoring public who had come together, but Mr. Geyer said humbly that he was no more important than the other 10 or 12 people who had worked to put on this rally. Perhaps he was correct, but for those in attendance, he was the leader. Another thing that struck me when I spoke to Mr. Geyer was how articulate he was and organized his thoughts were.Marijuana in Munich (München)

The reason that Mr. Geyer continues to surprise people who first meet him is his personal appearance. Mr. Geyer has bright red dreadlocks which reach nearly to the back of his knees, as well as a big golden stud which is implanted a centimetre down from his bottom lip. When you see him you are not soon going to forget him, and that is point. “These people are voters,” he continued. “And soon their voices will be heard. Bayern (Bavaria) is a free state, and yet I am not permitted to do what I want in my free time in a free land, though I bother no one. Times are a changing.” They most certainly are.Marijuana in Munich (München)

Buy Marijuana in Hamburg
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Buy Marijuana in Hamburg

Buy Marijuana in Hamburg:Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany, but it is easily the best place to visit in the entire country. It might not be as popular as Munich or Berlin, but Hamburg has the nightlife and vibe and architecture to match them. When it comes to marijuana, Germany is great and Hamburg is no exception. Weed is illegal but easy to get. Continue reading for all of the details on cannabis in Hamburg!

Cannabis laws in Germany

Germany is liberal and its drug laws are pretty relaxed compared to some of the other places in Europe. Weed is illegal, but it is decriminalized. This means that if you have a few grams on you, 6 or less, you can only get a fine and often times might just get away with a warning and your weed confiscated. That being said, if you smoke in a public place, next to a school or minors, you might get into more trouble. It should go without saying that driving while high is illegal. Selling and growing weed will get you in trouble and you might get prosecuted for those.Buy Marijuana in Hamburg

Germany is very relaxed about weed, but do not get too cocky. Smoke in parks or other more secluded places and be careful. If the police come, be nice and respectable and everything should be fine.

Getting weed in Hamburg | Buy Marijuana in Hamburg

Hamburg is a big German city, which means that weed is easily available. Good places to look are the parks, more specifically the ‘Schanzenpark’ or ‘Florapark’. If you walk around there, you will soon see shady looking dudes hanging out and selling weed. Often times they are Arabs. If you don’t see any dealers, you might see some students smoking, just approach them as ask for help, they might actually have better weed than the dealers. As always the quality varies a lot on the street, but do not expect anything great. The normal price is 10 Euros per gram, but there is a decent chance you will get ripped off. Dealers in Hamburg often give less weed than a gram, 0.8g for example, and it is hard to determine that on the spot.Buy Marijuana in Hamburg

Buy Marijuana in Berlin
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Buy Marijuana in Berlin

This guest article was published for information purposes only.Buy Marijuana in Berlin

While Berlin is a generally marijuana-friendly city, as of 2017, it is illegal to buy cannabis in Germany unless you have a prescription. Nonetheless, smoking pot in the German capital is fairly safe, as the Berlin police does not actively pursue smokers. You will often catch the smell of burning grass in Berlin’s parks, especially during the sunny summer weekends.Buy Marijuana in Berlin

Is marijuana legal in Berlin?

No. Recreational marijuana is illegal in Germany, and Berlin is no exception. However, less than 11 grams is considered a “small amount” in Berlin, and criminal charges may be dropped by the authorities. Many people say that most small amount charges in Berlin are not prosecuted, but that’s not guaranteed. However, possession charges above 11 grams must be prosecuted by law.

Normally, as long as you are a responsible, considerate smoker and avoid smoking in public places, you should be fine. The Berlin police has bigger problems to deal with, but they will intervene if people complain.

Since 2017, medical marijuana is legal for seriously ill patients with a prescription. There is currently no federal proposal for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

What happens if I get caught?

If you get caught with cannabis on you, you will be taken to the police station and questioned. Your photo and information will be taken, and you will be let go. As long as you remain polite and do what you are told, this will not be an issue.

A few weeks later, you will get a letter that’s essentially a receipt for your visit to the police station. It is safe to ignore that letter, as it does not require any action from you. At this point, your case is still open.

Eventually, you should receive a letter that either confirms your case was closed and the charges were dropped, or further legal instructions.

How much should you pay for weed? Buy Marijuana in Berlin

Marijuana Travels lets users report the price they paid for weed in multiple cities. Here are the price reports for Berlin. You should pay 10€ or less per gram, but quality weed can be more expensive.

Where do Berliners buy their weed?

There are 3 ways to buy weed in Berlin: on Telegram, through street dealers or through your friends. The former is usually done through dealers in Görlitzer Park and Volkspark Hasenheide. The latter is done through friends of friends who know someone.

Your friends might already know a dealer. Just ask around. You will find at least one friend who has a safe, reliable dealer. You will get better, cheaper, safer weed than if you go to a park.

Telegram is the easiest option if your friends don’t know any dealers. This is a very common way to buy weed in Berlin. There are many Telegram groups you can join that put you in contact with drug dealers in Berlin. Some groups are run by a single dealer, and others let dealers and buyers find each other.

The parks should be your last option. They sell very low quality weed in parks. It’s often laced with dangerous chemicals.Buy Marijuana in Berlin

Is buying weed from parks safe?

No. The weed you buy from random dealers is not always safe for consumption. More often than not, you will get contaminated weed. Park dealers usually sell low quality weed and put chemicals in it to make it look better. These chemicals irritate your throat and leave a nasty taste in your mouth. Brix and grit weed are two especially common threats in Berlin.

Buying weed from Görlitzer and Hasenheide

If you still decide to buy marijuana from Berlin’s parks, here is how it usually works.

Whether you are in Hasenheide or Görlitzer, the process is the same. All you need to bring is a baggie and some money. Most dealers speak enough English to get you what you want, but knowing a little German never hurts.

Dealers are easy to find; they will approach you as you walk through the park. The common wisdom is to avoid the dealers at the entrance and go for the less obnoxious ones deeper in the park. Do not deal with the men who approach you around the Görlitzer Bahnhof station. It’s also much safer to go during the day.Buy Marijuana in Berlin

Once you have picked a dealer, all you have to do is make eye contact and approach him. Tell the man what you want, and he will direct you to his friend hiding in the bushes.

Tell his partner in the bushes what you want and how much you want. Once you show him the money, he will pull a bag of weed from a branch and put more or less the right amount in your palm. If you are feeling cheeky, you can negotiate and get a little more. Dealers will not make change, so give them the exact amount of money and keep the transaction as frictionless as possible.

Put the weed in your baggie, hide the baggie and head out of the park. Be aware that police officers who sometimes hang around the entrances and intercept people with drugs on them.Buy Marijuana in Berlin


This article was not written to promote the use of illegal drugs, but to make their consumption as safe as possible, should you decide to break the law on your own accord. All About Berlin does not condone the consumption of cannabis. Be safe and responsible.

Useful links | Buy Marijuana in Berlin

  • Buying (contaminated) weed in Hasenheide for newbies – Reddit thread
  • PSA for people looking to buy weed (spoiler: it’s all contaminated) – Reddit thread
  • How do I know if my cannabis is contaminated?Buy Marijuana in Berlin
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